by combining methodology and execution in technology & growth.

Are you an innovation manager a forward thinking HR manager a transformation & change manager an innovative CEO a project manager with a new idea ?

Then this might sound familiar to you. You are trying to…

Are you trying to…

Then you’ve come to the right place! We have created & pressure-tested a program combining these things and more – tailor-made to your needs!


Our 4-month long program builds on three pillars. We’re giving you the most critical intrapreneurship- & founder-knowledge and are also building a test version of your product with you. We’re your innovation sherpa. Let’s go on the journey together!


5 hands-on bootcamps are leading through our 4-month long program. Every bootcamp takes 2-4 days and will teach participants the most critical founder & intrapreneur-knowledge. All our workshops are hands-on, participants will apply new knowledge right away on their own projects.

Bootcamp 1 Problem Validation

Bootcamp 2Solution Validation

Bootcamp 3Business Case

Bootcamp 4Growth Marketing & Sales

Pitching & Demo Day
Pitching & Demo Day

Bootcamp 1 • Problem Validation

Testing target groups & their most important problems will be crucial to build a product that a significant part of the market needs badly enough to buy it. It will help intrapreneurs understand their customers and validate the potential of an idea.

Bootcamp 2 • Solution Validation


Creating paper prototypes and wireframes of first ideas doesn’t take long but will 1) help them align on their visions 2) allow them to get instant feedback on their solution and input on how to make it better before even building it. This will significantly reduce development costs in the long run, as well as time to market.

Bootcamp 3 • Business Case


In this bootcamp, intrapreneurs will understand the importance of will give them an understanding of how much money they have to make and how to make it a viable business & help them track their progress to a product that creates value for the user & is financially viable for the compan. Will help them navigate the stakeholder management jungle.

Bootcamp 4 • Growth Marketing & Sales


Understanding product, marketing and lean methodology as an entity helps create viral loops in the product. At the same time, applying a data-driven testing mindset in marketing helps understand the customers, why some things work and some don’t and how to fix them quickly.

Value driven sales will give intrapreneurs a sales approach that builds long-lasting customer relationships built on trust and value-generating. This approach also provides a great follow-up to the customer development interviews done in month 1, helping convert interviewees into customers.

Bootcamp 5 • Pitching & Demo Day


Learning to present their idea/product to different audiences with different goals as well as answering challenging questions will be crucial for the future success of the team.

The Demo Day is a perfect opportunity to attract potential partners or investors.


In between bootcamps, our team of experts in growth marketing, design, data & software engineering and innovation is ready to work with you on the first version of your product. The goal is to get your MVP* off the ground & tested during the program.

*MVP: The minimum viable product (MVP) is the earliest version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about the customer and feasibility with the least effort.




Improve your intrapreneurship team’s dynamic capabilites by working alongside startups and learning together with them. 

The ELEVATE bootcamps are designed in a two track system, where intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs will learn together and from each other where it makes sense and have individual sessions when needed.

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We work with selected experts in various fields. A few examples:

Network Demo Day


Our flagship events are designed to bring people together, build their networks and collaborate. We start and end the program with our network of industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs so our participants can leverage this network to the fullest.

"With the help of ELEVATE we got an accurate understanding of the direction we needed to go in. The result was very clear from the reactions of our to-be customers: We came to the acceleration program with a “nice to have” solution and ended up with a “must have” solution. This was a huge step forward." Alex Kiiatkin, Co-Founder, Detectolabs
“We really profited from the hands-on, very product and customer-oriented approach that ELEVATE applies. TheVentury’s combination of content-input with direct support in implementing and translating theoretical methods to our individual business needs was – and still is - extremely helpful for the development of our start-up.”
Lisa Holzgruber, Co-Founder, rotable

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